Hello World

Well I guess it's time to move. It was a while since I was planning this major clean up in my public electronic life and now it's the day. For those of you who are not following my updates (which I guess comprisesthe entire universe but me) I decided to finally shut down the old blog (that actually will at some point in the future point back here) and start a new one with the ultimate and probably illusory goal to document my new life as grown man (aka PhD, feel the subtleties?), I guess.

The move is also perfectly timed, since I decided to freeze the development of ArchPwn, this old project of mine, that was not maintained anymore. For the old users which were hoping for a new release or the continuation of the project, don't worry the packages and some of the code base are being merged into BlackArch, another security distro based on ArchLinux, that is being developed by Evan Teitelman, Tyler Benett, Levon Kayan and nrz from NullSecurity. These guys are cool so I am leaving you in good hands :)

I am also completely removing the old mediawiki site of ArchPwn