Online Machine Learning courses

Recently I gained interest in the field of Machine Learning. I am writing this post to share some links about interesting material you can freely find on the Internet.

Probably the most valuable resource that serves as gentle and complete introduction to the field of Machine Learning is the Machine Learning course taught by Andrew Ng on Coursera. I strongly suggest you to take this course if you don't have a clear idea of what Machine Learning is or just want to refresh some concept. It is very well taught and includes a set of homework assignment that lets you better understand the topics introduced every unit.

I also found a bunch of videos on YouTube of Alexander Ihler, associate professor at UC Irvine. The videos are lectures from his CS178 course.

If you want to go a little bit deeper and formal I suggest you this YouTube playlist containing all the video lectures from the Neural Network class of Université de Sherbrooke. The lectures are held by Hugo Larochelle and requires a little bit of mathematical background. There are several interesting parts such as Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Natural language processing.

Regarding Deep Learning I also want to suggest another link that is the Deep Learning wiki from Stanford. It is a wiki containing more detailed information about Deep Learning algorithms.

This completes the set of links regarding the Machine Learning field. I hope you'll find them useful.